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I did not get an email, what should I do?

First, double check your eligibility requirements. Do you meet at least one of the listed criteria?

If so, go to this website and click "Forgot your password?". When prompted, enter your full PSU e-mail address (including the @psu.edu piece) and click Submit.

If it gives you a yellow success message, check your PSU e-mail for an e-mail from ELMS.

If you get a red error that says you need to finish your registration, click the "click here" link. Use your full PSU e-mail address for your e-mail address and click Continue. Fill in the information as shown below. Click Register. Once finished, check your PSU inbox for an e-mail from ELMS.

If, when you click Forgot your password? and enter in your full PSU e-mail address, the system returns an error indicating it has no idea who you are...

Then do the following:

  • Double-check your eligibility - do you meet one of the required criteria?
  • If you do, please contact the Helpdesk. If you don't, we're sorry we're unable to provide you access at this time.

Still have trouble or questions after reading through the above steps and eligibility information?

Contact the IST Helpdesk via the links on the top navigation and contact us with your PSU access account name. We'll check your status and respond accordingly as soon as possible.