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IST Classroom and Resource Overview

Welcome to the classroom and learning resource site for University Park and World Campus IST/SRA students. As you navigate the site, you'll find detailed connection and login information for a number of services and resources.

Please note: Resources are only available to University Park or World Campus-based IST or SRA students. The College of IST maintains the following classrooms in the Westgate Building: E165, E202, E203, E208, and E213. The following classrooms in the Westgate Building are maintained by the Classroom and Lab Computing group: E201, E205, E206, W201 (Cybertorium), and W219.


Students have access to MySQL and Microsoft SQL databases for individual and group project usage. Please see the Databases page for more detailed information.


Students are allocated 500 mb of storage on IST servers for usage during their IST coursework. You can retrieve those files via the web or from WinLabs. Please see the File Storage page for more information.


Faculty in specific courses utilize virtual labs to assist in teaching a number of applied concepts. You'll find connection information here.


Microsoft and VMWare software is available to University Park and World Campus-based IST or SRA students at no cost. Information on eligibility and how to connect can be found here.


PHP and HTML are supported on IST's student webservers. You'll find more information on how to connect here. IST student web space is only available from a Penn State network. There are a variety of methods that are supported including all Penn State Classrooms, WinLabs, PSU wireless and the Penn State VPN.

WINLABS (formerly VLABS)

Students have access to most of the software installed in the IST University Park classrooms via our online, work-from-anywhere resource WinLabs (formerly VLabs). You'll find connection information here.


The Spring 2021 semester will have several classes being held virtually or in a hybrid model, with students in the classrooms as well as attending virtually. For information about how to run Zoom from the podium, including how to set audio and video options, can be found here.